Full Service Event Agency

Who makes you happy?

The icing and
the cherry
on the cake.

WE MAKE YOU HAPPY is the cherry on the cake. Or the icing. Or both. Hell, we’re even the cake itself. We make sure the basics are there, that the cake is solid and doesn’t collapse. We then decorate the cake with that finger-licking icing, or with sugar, spice and everything nice. Whatever you prefer. Finally, we place the cherry on top.

We hope you like cheesecake, because we can get pretty cheesy when we say that team work makes the dream work. But there is a lot of truth in cheesy expressions. We’re very particular when it comes to choosing our team based on the right mindset. Either you want to make people happy, or you don’t.

By now, we’ve gathered more than 20 years of experience in a very dedicated, driven and close team that never loses their curiosity or will to grow.

Care to join us? We’re currently looking for a Senior Event Manager. Check out the job offer here

Our happies:

Headshot Thomas
Headshot Cleo
Headshot Stien
Headshot Bieke
Headshot Laura
Headshot Lauren
Headshot Jonas
Headshot Alice
Headshot Febe
Headshot Orfee
Headshot Britt
Headshot Lore
Headshot Maaike
Headshot David
Headshot Viktor
Headshot Stefanie
Headshot Charlotte
Headshot Stephane
Headshot Lauren DC
Headshot Julie
Headshot Wout